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4 February 2010

John Prendegast

Squatters occupying a former children's museum on the Old Kent Road will announce their intentions for the building this weekend.

A group has been in the building for just over a week and is calling a public meeting for people to air their views, which will take place on Saturday or Sunday.

The much loved Livesey Museum was closed down in February 2008, despite a concerted campaign to keep its doors open.

Since the closure a Friends of the Livesey Museum group has kept up the fight to return it to community use, and Theatre Peckham will soon be moving in and turning it into its headquarters.

A Friends spokesman confirmed they had no knowledge that the occupation would take place, and have opened up discussions with the group inside about their intentions.

A message sent to the Friends group from the occupiers stated: "We want to reassure you that nobody involved in this occupation would want this initiative to stop the building being re-opened in an official capacity, as long as it is for a community use as George Livesey intended.

However we think that two years is much too long for this building to be empty and unused.

“It could have been used productively by the local community for the past two years while the negotiations went on."
The council confirmed the building was occupied and said it was currently dealing with the occupation.

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