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9 November 2011

The popularity of automotive activity days has markedly increased in recent times. It is fair to say that purchasing your own supercar is beyond the financial means of the vast majority of people; these driving days therefore offer the average person an opportunity to experience what driving a supercar really feels like. With an Aston Martin driving experience, you not only get this experience but also the chance to finally fulfil that James Bond fantasy.

So, if you are soon to take advantage of your own driving gift experiences, what are the five biggest perks of getting behind the wheel of the iconic Bond car?

1. Training, Instruction and Guidance

Like it or not, the chances of you leaping behind the wheel of a £200,000 supercar without any guidance is not going to happen. James Bond, after all, received careful briefing from Q before he was allowed to play with any expensive gadgets. Even as a wannabe secret agent, you will need to know all about the safety features of the car and circuit and the rules of driving. You will be given guidance on just what to expect when you get behind the wheel.

Fortunately, for potential secret agents, if you are looking to indulge in a spot of action-packed Aston Martin driving, you will receive excellent training, guidance and preparation ahead of your James Bond-themed day. Though it is unlikely, the driving teachers may show you how to operate the hidden missile system and sub-aqua features of the car.

2. Learning the Track

Even for a secret agent, driving a supercar at high speed around an unfamiliar road can be daunting. It is unlikely your car will come fitted with an ejector seat in the event of you driving it sideways into a wall at 180 mph. To assist the motorist, driving days come with the chance to learn the track by using the experience and skill of your teacher. This allows you to learn the true nature of the track, key braking points, racing lines and also to establish your comfort zones while driving, all under their expert tutelage. Remember, even James Bond needed to be taught how to drive fast at one point.

3. Just Like James Bond, Everyone Will Want to Be You

Driving days are very popular and well attended, not just by the lucky motorists themselves but a whole host of friends, relations and casual observers. You can bet that almost every single one of the people there will watch you climb behind the wheel of your chosen supercar and feel just that slight pang of envy. For this one moment in your life, everyone will want to be in your shoes.

4. Nobody is Trying to Shoot You, or Run You off the Road

One of the big advantages you have over James Bond and a significant perk is that on your driving day, you can focus on the sheer pleasure of the motoring experience. Mr Bond usually had a plethora of villains chasing him, shooting at him, trying to run him off the road or coming up with other fiendish ways to put an end to his life. In contrast, your biggest problem will be trying to slipstream a Lamborghini at Copse.

5. The Thrill

Underlying all this is one simple pleasure; the thrill of driving a true supercar at high speed at the spiritual home of British motorsports. You may be driving your Aston Martin as if you were James Bond, but you are following in the footsteps of great F1 racers such as Graham Hill, Stirling Moss, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton and if that does not set the adrenaline pumping around your body, nothing will.

You can also learn a few other motoring tricks by purchasing an alternative day. Rally driving experiences, for example, offers a very different style of driving, requiring specific skills and understanding (that even the finest spies in the world would aspire to learn), yet is still an epic adrenaline rush for the participant. Above are five undeniable perks of taking to the tracks to drive like 007 for the day. While the cars and the skills are all provided, the only other thing you need to bring is a liberal dose of legendary James Bond courage.

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