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15 October 2008

A DULWICH man who breached an ASBO when he annoyed residents with his whistling was granted bail at Tower Bridge Magistrates’ Court last week.

Dean Bailey, 43, from Landcroft Road, was found whistling loudly on Rye Lane, Peckham on October 1.
He was also said to be directing traffic before deciding to lie down in the middle of the road, causing vehicles to swerve around him.

Bailey, known to locals around Lordship Lane as 'The Whistling Man', pleaded guilty to breaching the order issued in August this year which forbade him from making loud noises in public.

In granting bail, District Judge Stone told Bailey: "This ASBO, whether you like it or not, is in existence.

“When it was made, it was made for two years. If you breach it, you are committing an offence."

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