Rotherhithe mum launches crowdfunding bid to send her boys to top competition

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Shane, ten, and Zack, eight, hope to compete in the Gavin Brown Love to Dive competition in March

15113Tanya Robinson is raising £500 to send her sons Shane, ten, and Zack, eight, to a top diving competition

A single mum of four is crowdfunding so she can send two of her sons to a top diving competition in Southampton, writes Christy Cooney…

Tanya Robinson is raising £500 to send Shane, ten, and Zack, eight, to first train with three world-level coaches at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and then compete in the Gavin Brown Love to Dive competition in March.

Over the four-part course, which will include work in a gym, on trampolines, and from diving boards, the boys will work on six dives to perform at the competition, which would be their first regional or national event.

Tanya, who is a full-time carer for her youngest son, said: “They’ve already decided that they want to be professional divers and to coach younger generations.

“They’ve planned out their work experience years in advance! I’ve been writing round local companies to try and secure funding and sponsorship for them. I’d love for them to make it, and to have more opportunities than I had, to be honest.”

The course takes place this week and the centre have agreed to take payment in weekly instalments of £50, but the full cost will be £300. The cost of the competition will include its entry fee, special t-shirts and jumpers that must be worn by competitors, accommodation, travel, and insurance.

British diving has enjoyed a resurgence in public interest since diver Tom Daley became the youngest competitor to reach a final at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Shane and Zack started diving eighteen months ago after getting hooked at a one-off taster session, and were spotted by a scout at a holiday camp a few months later.

Asked where he hopes to be in ten years’ time, Shane said he wanted to be diving in the Olympics, to which Zack added: “And winning gold medals!”

Both must hope to perfect a somersault with a rip, a form of entry that involves hitting the water with an open hand to create an air pocket for your body to enter, minimising splash.

At the time of writing Tanya’s fund had raised £35. You can contribute by going to

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