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17 November 2010

The violent clashes that are associated with the sport of rugby were altered last summer across London, with the launch of Try Tag Rugby, writes Philippa Jenkins...

Phillip Browne and Alistair Davis set up leagues across the city with two based in south London, one in Bermondsey and another in Rotherhithe. Tag rugby has proved popular amongst those seeking a fun and social way of keeping fit, without pounding away on a treadmill.

Whilst maintaining the exhilaration and competition of normal rugby, the tag version reduces the contact and encourages mixed teams. The ability for both sexes to enjoy the sport has led to many teams comprised of work colleagues, who use the excuse to enjoy each other’s company outside the office environment.

Alistair said: “This activity is as much about maintaining a level of fitness as well as the social aspect. Many people in their 20s and 30s come to London and find their lives become very work oriented - Try Tag Rugby provides a means of combining both work and leisure.” 

The rules are essentially the same as league or touch rugby, but contact is removed by pulling the red tags to prevent a player from scoring. This slows the game down, but increases the level of skill needed to win. The sport invites those who enjoy the great outdoors in all weather and like to maintain a level of fitness, without necessarily
being an iron-man or woman.

Alistair added: “The sport’s popularity has rocketed since last summer and during 2010 we had twelve teams playing in Southwark Park, which we hope will double by next year. In the Southwark borough alone we have 160 players.”
The league’s round robin structure means each team will face new opponents at each match, after which a well-deserved drink is often had. Those who want to join individually will be pleased to learn there are still spaces in the Rotherhithe group.

Each match lasts for 40 minutes and there are two weekly sessions held in Southwark. The Rotherhithe league meet on Wednesday evenings at Bacon College, Timber Pond Road, and the Bermondsey league meet at the City of London Academy, Lynton Road, on Thursday evenings.

For information about Try Tag Rugby Ltd, call Alistair on 07780 880 893 or email Alternatively visit:

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