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9 May 2011

It's never fun getting in shape for your holidays, rejoining the gym for the umpteenth time.  Knowing deep down you'll have given up in a month, with just enough time to put on even more weight before you board the plane, writes Charlotte Galt... 

If motivation and wanting a quick fix are your usual downfalls, then maybe a beach body bootcamp is the answer. Improvements can be seen in as little as four weeks. 

It won't be easy, but if instructor Jimmy Braiden has anything to do with it, you'll certainly see results. "It's high intensity, I expect everyone to do the most they can for their ability," he said. Going outside, into parks near the gym, the class focuses on using the surrounding environment to tone up. "We use hills, railings, benches.

It's good to have a change of scene. The body can get too used to the same thing. We use a lot of variety to shock it into burning fat," he explained. The class takes place over an hour and can include dodging between cones, giving piggy backs and the tug of war.

"I do an assessment of each person, making sure they're matched with the right size partner and that they do the right exercises," he said.

As well the exercising, advice is given on nutrition to improve the chances of success.  Participants are advised to wear tight shorts, although lycra isn't obligatory! "It makes it easier for me to see that people are moving to the maximum effect," said Jimmy who makes no excuse for pushing people hard, he's known for being the motivator in the gym. "The customers always thank me afterwards when they see the results," he said. 

For those who are exhausted by their bootcamp session, a relaxing swim in the pool adorned with Bhudda statues and lotus flowers, or a step in the brand new sauna and steam room could do the trick. 

Manager Lisa Whiskin explained their ethos: "We don't want to be an intense corporate style gym. We like to spoil our customers. We're an intimate environment with really friendly trainers."

As well as the pool area, there are massage and beauty treatments available in the spa.  Bootcamp starts May, women are £100 for 3 sessions over 4 weeks, while men are £80 for 2 sessions over 4 weeks.

For more information phone 020 7378 7112 or email

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Comment 1. At 07:21 PM on 07 Jul 2011, gina jora wrote:
This heatlth&fitness section isn't relevant to Southwark people at all. Why don't you get someone professional to write articles on healthy lifestyle for entire families to inspire Southwark youth and improve it's shocking figures on children obesity!
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