More answers needed on plans for Cycle Superhighway through SE1, Bermondsey and Rotherhithe

(05 October, 2017)

TfL is set to launch a consultation seeking locals' and businesses' views on segregated cycle superhighway plans

19235Jamaica Road Cycle Superhighway 4 proposal

The news that TfL is planning a cycle superhighway from Bermondsey to Greenwich is sure to be a divisive one.

Cyclists and motorists are often found to be at odds with each other.

The horrendous number of cyclists dying on our roads is surely a call to action for TfL, and a segregated cycle lane is surely much safer than a road shared by cyclists, cars and lorries.

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But what TfL needs to explain is how it will affect traffic on routes such as Jamaica Road, Rotherhithe Roundabout and Lower Road, which are hideously congested every day.

The proposals are only out for consultation, but TfL needs to show all road users that it can create the Superhighway without making the road even more jam-packed than it is.

TfL also couldn’t answer whether, how, or when roads would be closed for the works. Surely all of these details are needed before residents can make their minds up?


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