Being gay is not a lifestyle choice

(05 February, 2015) Letters

Being gay is not a lifestyle choice and Tesco need to educate their staff - and one Southwark News letter writer - so they understand this


I am surprised that Carman (letter in last week’s Southwark News)? is aware that it is 2015.

Let me educate you Carman, be prepared for a shock, being gay is not a life style choice, think about it, are you and the manager at Tesco stating that all the gay people in this world woke up one morning and thought, today I am going to be gay?

Lifestyle choice is when you wake up and decide what you are going to wear.

Carmen hopes that the Tesco worker does not lose their job. Why have they not already been sacked? If these prejudiced comments had been aimed at any other minority group they would have been dismissed instantly.

Carman, prejudice means a unfair or unreasonable feelings or comments about another person, in this case based upon a person’s sexuality.

Tesco needs to invest some money into educating their staff about equality and diversity, maybe they could stretch the budget to include Carman in their training.

Annette O’Neill, via email

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