The very thought of having a £46,000 bill land through your letterbox is terrifying

(28 July, 2016)

'Surely there should be a transparent billing system for residents?'

10992Limes Walk Estate residnets

This is a startling reality for approximately twenty leaseholders living at Limes Walk in Nunhead. They have been presented with this bill from the council to repair the roof of the two-block estate, and to make matters work they have been given no real breakdown of how this figure has been reached.

This is not the first time that leaseholders have been left in the dark by the council. Leaseholders are not rolling in cash, despite property prices going up, and whether you agree or disagree with the right-to-buy council homes, no one should be treated in such a way.

The council has a duty to maintain its properties and many leaseholders argue that major works are often carried out after years of neglect. The council says it will meet with residents soon to let them know how their chosen contractor came to that price, but surely there should be a transparent itemised billing system before sending out such huge bills to ordinary working families?

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