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News Desk (22 October, 2015)

"My next six weeks are busy with ecological campaigning!"

My next six weeks are busy with ecological campaigning!

Next weekend from 23rd-25th of October, is the peaceful 48 hour vigil called Occupy The Daily Mail – Climate Crisis Vigil.

It is outside their HQ in Derry Street.  It is being organised by the same group of us who organised the peaceful protest outside Rupert Murdoch’s HQ in north Southwark.

Scientists say we have at best 10 to 20 years left to radically address the climate crisis or we are doomed to run-away global warming, which would flood the north of the borough in centuries to come. Yet the five billionaire owned media corporations who control 80% of the UK’s press all oppose urgent action on the climate crisis. The vigil will highlight this threat to our future.  Details on Facebook at “Occupy the Daily Mail – Climate Crisis Vigil”.

Then on November 10th at 6.30pm, I am doing a talk about my book “The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy was Bought” at the Book Theatre, 51 The Cut, SE1. So it’s just on our doorstep for Southwark readers. The book relates how our democracy has been hijacked by a tiny billionaire class and resulting in genocidal environmental destruction.  Details on Facebook at “Book Talk – The Prostitute State”.

The final event is the third annual major protest and Die-In on November 27th, organised by Stop Killing Cyclists, founded after the terrible spate of cyclist deaths in November 2013. It will place 21 symbolic coffins outside the TfL HQ in Southwark, on Blackfriars Road from 5pm-6.30pm. The coffins symbolise the cyclists killed since our first Die-In. The Die-In will call on the next Mayor of London to tackle the horrendous death toll from our transport policies. Over 12,000 Londoners die every year from transport related pollution and inactivity diseases. The puny 1.3% of the annual TfL budget spent on cycling must be raised to 10% by 2020. Our streets should be fit for humans.  Details on Facebook at “No More Coffins”.

After that I am looking forward to a quieter December – ecological campaigners deserve breaks also!


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