COMMENT: ‘Insectageddon is coming – so what can we do in Southwark to stop it?’

Admin (20 February, 2019)

News columnist Donnachadh McCarthy on 'Insectageddon' - and what locals in Southwark can do to help reduce their environmental impact

11037News columnist Donnachadh McCarthy

Insectageddon – a new eco-jargon word, invented for another ecological catastrophe threatening our kids’ futures.

A new science report says over 50% of all insects have been destroyed in the last 25 years.

This is the invisible reason for the collapse in populations of many birds & small mammals who eat them. This is a major emergency, as humanity depends on crops pollinated by insects.

The reason for Insectageddon? Industrial pesticide & artificial fertiliser inundated industrial farming is slaughtering insect populations and meat production takes up huge tracts of land desperately needed for wildlife & insects.

But there are things we can do in Southwark about it. Organic food is not a middle-class luxury. Cheap non-organic food comes with the enormous future price-tag of widespread crop-failure and eventually human extinction.

So, let us:

  1. Buy organic food in local shops & markets. Fareshares in Crampton Street is an affordable community organic shop.Check website for opening hours, as it is run by volunteers. Baldwin’s Health Food Shop on the Walworth Road has a good range of organic processed and natural foods.Peckham & Oval Farmers Markets have a range of organic stalls.

Some of the bigger supermarkets around the Borough have organic items.

But the plethora of new “convenience” stores are an organic wasteland, usually with only pesticide-ridden highly-packaged foods available.

Chegworth’s stall at Borough Market has organic food from Kent.

  1. You can have organic food delivered by one of the various organic is a local organic veg-box scheme in the centre & south of Southwark.Sutton Community Farm veg-boxes can be collected via Cambridge House, Camberwell.

    Riverford is one of the bigger organic veg-box home delivery companies

  2. Grow your own free organic food if you have a garden or if your block of flats has some green space or try guerrilla organic gardening!Remove any unnecessary concrete or decking and plant insect-friendly organic food.
  3. Email Cllr Peter John, Southwark Council leader to urge them to stop spraying our roads & council estates with Insectageddon causing pesticides (

Let’s make Southwark a 100% organic safe clean food and insect heaven!

Donnachadh McCarthy has been an environmental campaigner in Southwark since 1992 and is author of “The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought”

He is also an independent environmental consultant @DonnachadhMc.


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