COMMENT: Tube snub for Camberwell a real shame

(17 December, 2015)

TfL is not particularly known for having a change of heart due to public opinion

629The possible routes first proposed for the extension

It would have been more of a surprise if transport bosses had come out in favour of a tube for Camberwell – rather than the predictable decision to opt in favour of the Old Kent Road route.

This paper is firmly behind plans to reinvigorate the Old Kent Road, which struggles from a lack of good public transport. Yet it is a real shame that once again Camberwell looks set to be the bridesmaid and never the bride. It would be less cruel not to mention SE5 in future tube discussions – every time it happens, hopes are raised, sensible proposals are put forward, and the need for a tube – such as the area having a major hospital and A&E, with thousands of staff and patients – gets aired. All to no avail.

A final decision is yet to be taken, with further public consultations expected,but TfL is not particularly known for having a change of heart due to public opinion. Better, perhaps, for Camberwell residents to accept that they won’t be getting a tube after all – in fact they probably already came to this conclusion some time ago.


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