COMMENT: Urban gardening

(08 October, 2015)

It would be a blooming shame if council uprooted residents' urban gardens.

5736Sarah Harris and he daughter Tania, whose walkway garden is under threat.

Dare we say it, but it would be a blooming shame if the council didn’t find a reasonable solution to residents being allowed to grow plants and flowers on their walkways.

Bermondsey mum Sarah Harris is the latest to receive a warning letter about ‘health and safety danger’ and now fears for the future of her urban green haven.

You often hear people harking back to the good old days where everyone looked after their own patch of walkway, so when some residents make an effort to brighten up where they live, that should be encouraged.

Of course the council has to ensure that health and safety regulations are observed – as Sarah herself points out, this is the borough that suffered the horrific Lakanal fire, when six people lost their lives. Cluttered walkways, and delayed exits in the event of fires, could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Yet a light touch is needed here, rather than uprooting something that brings pleasure to everyone who lives there. If the walkways aren’t being blocked, then why not encourage urban gardening?



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