Foxes observing social distancing – and which pub has not yet closed down?

Admin (26 March, 2020)

If foxes can observe social distancing, so can you

35706Foxes observe social distancing (Image: Steve Cornish)

Foxes keeping two metres

Humans have not been too good at keeping their distance from one another lately, as we report in this week’s issue.

But foxes in the borough seem to have taken the instruction to heart.

This snap, taken by Rotherhithe resident Steve Cornish this week, shows two foxes perfectly observing the two metres guideline.

“If they can do it, so can we,” he says.

Get outta that pub!

Last week the government ordered all pubs to close, after recommendations to stay away weren’t enough to keep drinkers from ordering pints at their local boozer.

Most have now heeded the instruction. However, a Rotherhithe priest has noted that one very famous boozer isn’t – the Queen Vic in Albert Square.

In a “frivolous note” in an otherwise glum message to parishioners letting them know of the church closures, Father Mark Nicholls of St Mary’s Church said: “I am really surprised to see that the pub is still open in Eastenders – absolutely shocking!

“When will they catch up with life in the real world?”

EastEnders has never been realistic – not like Corrie.

Happy birthday – from a safe distance

Social distancing and isolation is hard for all of us, especially when it’s your birthday.

But one Dulwich Hill resident’s special day wasn’t left unnoticed despite the measures we’re having to follow to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Video shows neighbours serenading the birthday boy or girl with a rendition of Happy Birthday to you outside of their house, alongside cheers.

“Lovely video from yesterday eve of some residents in Dulwich Hill singing Happy Birthday to one of their younger neighbours while observing social distancing!” says local councillor Maggie Browning.

“A very challenging time for Londoners [at the moment] but amazing to see the ways in which communities are supporting each other.”

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