Deputy leader: ‘I’ve not taken full pay’

(05 February, 2015) Letters

Cllr Ian Wingfield says he has never claimed the full allowance that Southwark Council offers to the authority's Deputy Leader

243Cllr Ian Wingfield (centre front): 'I don't claim my full pay packet'

I write concerning your piece ‘Councillors set to vote through own pay rise’ (SN 22 Jan).

For the avoidance of doubt to your readers where it states “Cabinet Members and the Deputy Leader can be paid up to £45,175” may I say the operative word is “can”.

I have never claimed the full allowance I have been entitled to since 2010, and I wouldn’t want your readers to be left with the impression that I had done so.

Cllr Ian Wingfield, Deputy Leader & Cabinet Communities, Employment & Business Member, Southwark Council.

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