Diary: Has Boris Johnson paid off his parking fines – and could Dulwich get a ‘Healthy McHealthface’ centre?

Admin (26 June, 2019)

The parking tickets on the possible future PM's car and a new name for the Dulwich health centre feature in this week's column


Boris’s banger

Two weeks ago, we speculated about sightings of likely future PM, Boris Johnson, in Camberwell.

Now the address which he shares with his partner has barely been out of the national news of late, following a late-night row reported by The Guardian newspaper.

Camped out on his doorstep, outlets quickly noticed that the future PM’s car had three parking tickets festooned on its windscreen, alongside the protest posters reported upon in this week’s News.

Council officials declined to tell us how much was owed on the parking fines – but said there are currently none outstanding registered at the address.

The fact also wasn’t missed by businesses. Not to miss the publicity, one car-leasing firm has used the media storm for a bit of promotion.

With us, they said in an email sent to media, “Boris Johnson can replace his clapped out old Toyota people carrier for a shiny new one.”

World according to Harriet 

Image: Harriet Harman / Twitter

Harriet Harman, the long-standing MP for Camberwell and Peckham, is venturing out into new media.

The MP announced on Tuesday that she will be hosting a weekly ‘Mother of the House’ podcast with the House magazine, the publication devoted to Parliament.

According to a draft document for the podcast’s objectives, it will focus on the “good work MPs are doing which is drowned out by Brexit” and to “put the spotlight on and bolster MPs who are doing great things.”

Among the possible future guests lined up by Harman thus far for the podcast include Nicky Morgan MP, the outspoken former education secretary.

Name game

This week we report that patients in the catchment area for Dulwich’s new health centre are being asked to vote on their name choice for the building.

Our readers have already had their suggestions online.

“The Den”, suggests one keen Millwall fan. But others have taken their inspiration from a 2016 bid to name the RSS Sir David Attenborough ‘Boaty McBoatface’.

How about ‘Blocky McBlockface,’ suggests one? Or the slightly longer ‘Healthcentrey McHealthcentreface’?

However, they are likely to be disappointed as the CCG says: “Do bear in mind the final name needs to be suitable for an NHS community health centre.”


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