Diary: Is our man unlucky in Love Island – and why have camels been sighted in the Thames?

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A local lad on Love Island and camel sightings in the Thames feature in this week's What the Dickens column

29923Local lad, Sherif, who is currently featuring on ITV's Love Island (Image: Love Island)

Unlucky in Love Island?

Local fans of Love Island may have noticed a few familiar faces on the hit ITV2 show, as two of the men on the show are either from Southwark or close by.

Viewers of the series, in which men and women hope to find love in a holiday villa, have wondered whether catering company owner and self-styled ‘sandwich man’ Joe Garratt is from the borough.

“I bet he’s from Bermondsey,” wagered one.

ITV tells us, however, that he is from Bromley.

But chef Sherif Lanre, 20, has Southwark links – we’re told he attended a school in the borough, and he plays semi-professional rugby for the Old Alleynian Rugby Club based in Dulwich.

However, the local lad is not having much luck so far, it seems: upon entering the villa, not a single woman stepped forward to say she fancied him.

Bermondsey, 1983, a victory – but don’t shout about it

One Liberal Democrat member has shared online an email sent to him by the party which reads:

“Our party has been shaped by famous by-election victories. From Bermondsey in 1983 to Brent East in 2003 and of course Richmond Park in 2016.”

Given the 1983 campaign has gone down in history as infamously bitter, he captioned it with a deadpan: “I mean, yes, the Bermondsey by-election victory is “famous”, but I maybe wouldn’t open with it.”

Has a camel washed up in Rotherhithe?

Rotherhithe residents have reported sightings of a camel washing up on the shore of the Thames.

Fear not, as it is not a real camel, but a costume version used for fancy dresses or pantos.

One person who sighted the eerie object at the Salt Quay had to do a double-take though, as the way the water was moving made it almost appear alive.

Mudlarkers in Rotherhithe report he has been floating there for weeks now – and have quipped that he looks as if he’s got the “right hump” about it all.

Rotherhithe man’s best friend

In last week’s paper, we reported how Rotherhithe’s London Bubble theatre has unveiled its latest iteration of the Rotherhithe Man, a papier-mache model which serves as an unofficial mascot.

The Rotherhithe Man is not the most unusual member of the team – listed as among the team on the company’s website are dog May, the company’s ‘Canine Advisor’.

Most bizarrely, May also has an email address for all correspondence with other theatre-loving canines: may@londonbubble.org.uk.

‘People make theatre’ the company’s slogan runs – pet pooches included too.

Councillor’s cat

Despite a claw-fully disappointing result at the European elections, Southwark Labour at least has one grateful constituent – a distressed kitten rescued by quick-thinking South Bermondsey Cllr Leo Pollak while canvassing.

“The lengths politicians will go to get a vote!” jokes the opposition Liberal Demo-cat councillor, David Noakes.

(Image: Sunny Lambe / Twitter)

Rory’s super-fan

In the contest for Conservative Party leader – and therefore Prime Minister – Rory Stewart MP has taken to inviting people to come and debate him in Borough Market.

Some Southwark locals and tourists at least took up the potential future PM’s invitation, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

One, named only as Alistair however, was more enthusiastic than most: he rushed to the market to try to meet the politician, clad in a t-shirt saying ‘Rory Stewart for Prime Minister’ hastily written in permanent marker.

He eventually tracked down the politician to Barking, East London.

While warmly received by the MP, others were less kind. “Oh he’s barking, alright,” commented one on the picture.


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