Forget Trump, climate change is still the biggest threat to our kids’ futures

News Desk (17 November, 2016)

Donnachadh McCarthy has been an environmental campaigner in Southwark since 1992 and is author of “The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought” . He is also an independent environmental consultant

11366Donnachadh McCarthy, photo by Elizabeth Mischler

2016 is the hottest year ever on records, just like 2015 and 2014 were. Scientists said this month that if carbon emissions keep rising at current rates we are facing a disastrous rise of 7C in our kids’ lifetimes. They say this would be “apocalyptic” and “incompatible with life as we know it.”

The election of climate-science denying President Trump in the US is a fundamental threat to tackling in time, the emergency that faces Southwark and the world.

But we all can take positive action rather than simply despair.

When renewable energy’s price becomes cheaper than fossil fuels like coal and oil, then no matter what Trump does, nobody will use them.

So here are my  ‘5 Trumping Trump’ suggestions on how Southwark people can help the price of renewable energies such as solar or wind to fall even faster.

  1. Switch your home electricity supplier online to a 100% renewable electricity supplier, such as Good Energy. All you need is some info from one of your current electricity bills.
  2. If you own your home with an un-overshadowed south-facing roof. get a quote for solar panels.

My own panels were installed by :

  1. If you have some spare savings, invest in solar or renewable green ISAs, solar bonds or the Triodos Renewable Fund. www.triodo
  2. Ask your workplace / company / charity / school etc. to switch to a renewable electricity supply. Dong Energy promise to match current regional supply charges.

5. Email Cllr Peter John, leader of Southwark Council and demand that Southwark Council only buys green electricity and joins mayors and cities around the world, in committing Southwark to be a Zero Carbon Borough asap.

Despite Trump, whether you have money or not, whether you pay your own electricity bills or not, there is something really positive you can do, even here in Southwark to help protect our kids’ futures. Do it now!


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