Former council tenants – get in touch with the council for your water bills refund

(13 October, 2016)

Over 48,000 former tenants are still to get their refund, but if you're waiting to hear from the council, do them a favour and get in touch


It appears that Southwark Council has stood by its commitment to pay back a massive £28.6 million and refund 74,000 tenants for admin costs incurred when collecting Thames Water bills.

Of course the council’s hand was forced after one Camberwell resident took them to the high court and won. Since the verdict in March, the News has kept an eye on the situation and we were told this week that 23,500 cheques to current council tenants and payments to tenants management organisations, to be passed on to their 2,296 affected tenants, have been issued. Over 48,000 former tenants are still to get their refund.

These charges relate to bills sent out between April 1, 2001 and July 28, 2013. If you or your father or mother (even if they are now deceased) for part of this period were a council tenant you should get in touch.

Understandably this would help cut down the money it is costing the council to track former tenants down. You can  contact the council on, or the customer services helpdesk on 020 7525 5000.


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