Gomer’s death highlighted strong community spirit

(07 July, 2016) Editorials

"Loved by those who knew and obviously admired him"

10500Gomer Wyn-Roberts

Despite failing to find the family of the much-loved Meurig Gomer Wyn-Roberts, his funeral this week was a shining example of how well a community can come together.

Better known as Gomer, this man mountain was respected by the people of Bermondsey for rolling his sleeves up and joining in local events like Christmas fairs and fundraisers for charities like Help for Heroes.

Regularly dressing up as Santa for the kids in the Blue Market Square, Gomer did his little bit to be part of a community spirit many claim is disappearing. His friends were determined that his untimely passing would not go unnoticed and fought hard to find family members.

The Old Bank pub paid into and spearheaded a fundraising appeal to give him a fitting funeral. For weeks the police and the coroners’ court did little to communicate what was happening to his body and how much effort was being put in to find his family. After Albins funeral directors stepped in, friends of Gomer were able to take charge and they did him proud.

If and when his family are found they will have the comfort in knowing that even though he died alone above a pub in Peckham, he was loved by those who knew and obviously admired him.


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