Happy as pigs in muck! Surrey Docks Farm shares details of new piglets

Admin (17 June, 2020)

The new piglets are doing remarkably well, according to the farm

37340Image: Surrey Docks Farm / Twitter

Readers may recall more than a year ago, Surrey Docks Farm in Rotherhithe suffered a break-in, in which several of its pigs were stolen and never recovered.

Now, the farm has seen a new litter of the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs – and they’re doing very well indeed.

After keeping the births of the new piglets relatively hush-hush, the Farm says the piglets are now old enough to play in the farm.

“The piglets are now big enough to go out and explore the field and not escape through any gaps!” says the farm. “They had a great time rooting about and playing in the mud.”

While the public cannot yet visit, it’s proof that every story eventually has a happy ending.


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