Help us raise awareness and break the stigma of Endometriosis

(04 March, 2021)

The debilitating condition is under researched and underfunded

42675'Endo Warrior' Natasha Griffin, from Camberwell

Endometriosis is a chronic, debilitating condition that can cost a sufferer their job as they battle constant pain and are left unable to work and cause a host of physical and mental health problems – even infertility.

For such a serious illness that affects a huge number of people to various degrees – some sufferers are effectively bedbound while others may have manageable symptoms – it is under researched and underfunded.

Campaigners have long argued the issues that still surround diagnosis and treatment, including lengthy delays, are a legacy of historic dismissiveness towards ‘women’s problems’ and a confusion over what levels of pain and discomfort are to be expected during menstruation.

We hope that the story of Camberwell’s ‘Endo Warrior’ Natasha can help other women get help far sooner, raise awareness amongst doctors, and help break the stigma.

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