Insist on an early diagnosis for cancer   

(18 October, 2018)

Early diagnosis saves lives

25880Jill Rutter

As we report on page 10, Jill (pictured) was worried about being a nuisance, or a hypochondriac when she insisted her GP took her symptoms more seriously. 

Ultimately, a routine referral to double-check common symptoms did not happen quickly enough, and it was finally confirmed as stage 3 cancer.

This was in 2009 and the news that more than a decade later two of our NHS Trusts are missing their waiting list targets, with many patients only receiving these tests after six weeks, is unacceptable.

We  all know just how busy and overstretched hospitals are, and none more so than our doctors and nurses, but booking that appointment and not being afraid to challenge your doctor to investigate further is so important.

As Jill says, once she was in the system and being treated, the support and care given was fantastic.

Early diagnosis saves lives and the NHS still needs to do better – if you’re worried go back, and don’t take no for an answer.


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