Lessons learnt

(28 May, 2015)

King's College Hospital review will hopefully prevent 'shortcomings in care' happening again

2773George Robson's widow misses the cups of tea he used to bring her every morning.

These days the news seems filled with stories of failing hospitals and uncaring nurses, but most of us thankfully have a positive experience of our world-leading health service.

An inquest last week heard how the sad death of pensioner George Robson at King’s in October 2012 was possibly preventable if he had been prescribed a different combination of drugs during his recovery from brain surgery.

Though his wife Margaret will never get George back, her fight to bring the details of his case to light and King’s willingness to admit “shortcomings in the care and treatment her husband” has led to a change in the way their medicines are administered and reviewed and will hopefully improve the service to prevent the same thing happening again.



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