Letters to the editor: 25/08/16

(25 August, 2016)

Strong feelings stirred among Labour voters after MPs pour criticism on Corbyn

Rotherhithe sold out

The Docklands Settlement are putting up the pitch prices so £5 pounds a hour is now £7 pounds.

I have two grandsons, so it will cost us nearly £100 per term. How can we keep on paying?

The settlement is going to put them up again in January.

Southwark Council have sold Rotherhithe to the highest bidder and the kids have nowhere to go, if their parents have not got the money to pay for them to play football.

The new Fisher football pitch in Salter Road should be open to the  local kids to train on and give our kids a chance to get on.

The Docklands Settlement should be for local people, not just the ones that can afford to pay the high prices.

Mrs. Heather, via email


Corbyn leader geezer

You featured Bermondsey and Old Southwark Labour MP Mr. Coyle (Southwark News 18th August) backing ‘Give Me a break Owen Smith’ as his (a completely unknown Welsh MP) as Labour leader.

I say to ‘Old MP Neil Coyle of Southwark’ “Problem is bruv we already have a much renowned, well known Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn MP as leader of HM’s opposition Labour Party” who thousands upon thousands up and down the land support as the honest-to-goodness Labour London and national geezer to vote for.

And, then we see Camberwell and Peckham MP ‘Harriet in her rickety Blairite chariot’ also trying to persuade her constituent Labour members to support the likes of an unknown Welsh bloke we’ve never heard of before.

Meanwhile, throughout Southwark constituencies Labour members and other of Harriet’s constituents support wholeheartedly the Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn MP to stay well and truly as London’s and the nation’s honest Labour Party leader geezer.

Alice Springs, Peckham


Listen to grass roots

The ‘fact’ that Neil Coyle comes up with Owen Smith has  the man for the job over Jeremy Corbyn just doesn’t hold water.

For the first time since I can remember, we have a chance to have a leader elected to the Labour party who will represent  the working class.

Why do the Blairites not listen to the grass roots?

I’ll tell you why, because they have no class analysis, they are Liberals at best.

The Labour Party came into being, because of the greed of the capitalist class. Trade unions were formed to defend the working class from relentless exploitation of the owners.

Do Neil Coyle or Owen Smith have that “gut feeling” for the working class?

Don’t think so, at this point in time the Tories have wrecked this country, we need a leader of the Labour Party to stop the rot and  give people hope of a better life. Jeremy Corbyn is the only one to do that.

Kevin Barry, Blackheath


Lords stop trying to ruin Brexit

It is hard to imagine a worse example of arrogant and brazen contempt for democracy, for elected MPs to attempt to derail Brexit and defy the clearly expressed will of 17.4 million leave voters.

But now, coming from the House of Lords, a group of ‘unelected’ peers, led by Tory, exfinancial journalist Baroness Wheatcroft, are plotting ways to block Britain’s exit from the EU.

Disregarding the referendum outcome, they plan to vote down Brexit laws, extract some token concessions from Brussels, force a second vote and secure a result more to their liking.

These people seem unable to understand that millions of people voted to leave the EU in order to restore proper controls over immigration.

It is now almost two months since the referendum, so is it too much to ask for just some of the remain supporters to acknowledge they lost on the 23rd June this year and instead start talking up this country. After all, the worst predictions now look very foolish. Share prices are steady, the economy is still growing, borrowing costs are at a record low and firms such as Boeing and Glaxo-Smith-Kline investing heavily in the UK. Far from crashing house prices remain on an upward path.

Sainsbury’s is now selling tea to the Chinese; a 540 million world-leading medical research centre is to be built in Hertfordshire in a partnership between Glaxo-Smith-Kline and Google, the facility will pioneer treatments in illness such as diabetes, arthritis and asthma.

Also, we have Indian housing development finance corporation, issuing the world’s first ‘Imasala’ bond in London raising 30 billion rupees (£340 million) in the process.

In the residential housing market, the business has a robust balance sheet and relatively low levels of debt, and is well positioned to navigate the current market conditions.

No point worrying about Brexit then!

Reg O’Donoghue, Walworth   


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