The Letters section: 12 May 2016

(11 May, 2016)

A bumper Letters section this week, with a success for cheaper bus travel, dementia-friendly cricket at The Oval, and loving a loving tribute to a former mayor

Lib Dem not elected but bus journey policy is a winner

It is incredibly welcome that Sadiq Khan’s first major announcement as Mayor of London has been to introduce a bus ticket to allow passengers two journeys within a 60 minute period.

It is a policy that will make a huge difference for many people.

A one-hour bus ticket is a  policy I have advocated and campaigned on for nearly a decade.

It was in the Liberal Democrat London Mayor and Assembly election manifesto in the last election, as well as back in 2008 and 2012.

I now look forward to the new Mayor adopting other Liberal Democrat policies, starting with half price tube and TfL rail services for any Pay as you go or contactless journey starting before 7.30 am.

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member


TfL chiefs earn a fortune and the roads are a mess

With regard to the story on Tooley Street ‘Major road to have eastbound lane closed until February 2018, Southwark News, April 28, 2016’.

Shouldn’t this have come before public consultation where it might have been suggested that this could have at least been delayed until St Thomas’ Street (if ever) reopens?

The TfL board all enjoy eye-watering salaries, bundles more than Mr Cameron’s – and his MPs! Underneath them four hundred, count ‘em, earn ONE THOUSAND POUNDS per year.  Their superiors are seemingly hell-bent on imposing chaos, devoid of joined up thinking, on seemingly disregarded ‘ignorant’ motorist, no matter, that out of necessity, they have to commute by car, or simply drive to earn a living.

Why should they bother? Their astronomical salaries are being funded by the congestion charge stealth-tax, something that, in my opinion, hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to London gridlock.

Yet, despite hitting the (financial) jackpot, this bunch of twerps (I would have used a stronger word) have no authority or jurisdiction over the prevention of six hundred private-hire drivers adding to the clogged-road misery every week.

The clue to all this? Listen to the TfL adverts on commercial radio. Always delivered by a finger-wagging, nanny-state voice; warning of yet another impending months-long snarl up. The sub-text: we hate the motorist.

To paraphrase the TfL by-line “Every journey matters”, substitute an anglo-saxon expletive for the last word – beginning with F and ending with D!

Mr L. S. Braidwood, Elephant & Castle


Stop investing in fossil fuels, Southwark

Donnachadh McCarthy is right to highlight the risks to Southwark residents presented by air pollution and flooding..

It is all the more surprising then, that the council currently still invests our money in to the very industry that is causing both: fossil fuels.

I hope that councillors will take heed of this newspaper’s warnings, and do the right thing by joining the growing ranks of councils, faith institutions and foundations opting to divest from fossil fuels.

Tim Gee, Peckham


Coyle why sabotage Corbyn’s victory?

What a disappointment to discover that local Southwark MP Neil Coyle has been using the national press to attack his own party’s leader.

Since Jeremy Corbyn’s decisive victory in the leadership election eight months ago, London Labour has multiplied in size and won landslide election after landslide election.

Why on earth would Mr Coyle want to sabotage that?

Jasper Richardson, Peckham


Remembering Mayor Tayo Situ – our father

Today marks five years since we lost our father, the former Mayor of Southwark and community champion.

Looking back, we must firstly take the opportunity to thank the Southwark community for the support shown to our family.

Over the last five years we’ve been touched by your support, providing us comfort and strength as we came to terms with our loss.

We’ve lost track at the amount of times conversation…s have started with the words ‘I knew your father’, and as you’ve shared your memories we’ve continued to stand in awe of the generosity of your comments. Nowhere is the love more palpable than where he called home and where he represented for nine years, Peckham.

Since his death you’ve joined us to continue his work fostering young leaders and the Tayo Situ Foundation was set up to continue his legacy.

The foundation has hosted awards, guest lectures and joined young people to challenge leaders across the borough.

All of this is a testament to the support we’ve received but crucially, our shared goal of carrying on the torch.

Dad use to always reiterate the need to take the first step, mainly he was referring to us doing our homework but looking back we guess he also meant with projects, work and life.

As we walk through Peckham now that phrase is ever salient, the area has changed so much and we know he would be proud of the prospects for the area. These achievements are in part down to people like our father, his fellow Councillors and community activists, they are Southwark’s heroes. Unfortunately some of them are not around anymore to see their achievements, they dedicated their lives to public service and it all started with taking the first step.

We owe them a tremendous amount and our borough wouldn’t be the shining light it is without their public service.

So as we remember Tayo today, we also remember all those who have worked tirelessly for the progress of their community.

Over the next few days, we will be sharing our memory of Tayo and welcome you to share any of yours. #Tayowouldsay

Cllr’s Michael & Johnson Situ


Dementia-friendly cricket at the Oval

The world’s first dementia-friendly cricket match is being played between Surrey and Middlesex as part of this year’s Dementia Awareness Week.

The LV County Championship division one game will begin on Sunday 15 May at the Kia Oval and is scheduled to last until Wednesday 18 May.

Dementia Awareness Week runs from Sunday 15 May to Saturday 21 May and this year’s theme is confronting dementia and being aware of the help and support available through Alzheimer’s Society.

Surrey County Cricket Club has arranged for a quieter, more dementia-friendly entrance at the Vauxhall End with dementia-aware volunteers and stewards on hand.

The event is free of charge to people with dementia and their families and carers.

A briefing on the door and signage inside the ground will point people affected by dementia to the rooms and facilities specifically available to them on the day.

Complimentary tea, coffee and water will be available on the day.

225,000 people will develop dementia this year and there are already around 72,000 people living with the condition in London.

Alzheimer’s Society is there for anyone affected by dementia and there are lots of ways the charity can help you. Call the National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122 or visit

Tatjana Trposka, Alzheimer’s Society



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