MP Harriet Harman offers her alternative plan for managing Brexit

News Desk (06 October, 2016)

"The PM must take a personal grip on this. She can't leave it to her warring ministers"

Most people in Southwark voted to ‘Remain’ and I’m deeply disappointed that we will be leaving the EU. But as ‘Leave’  won, the government must ensure that we suffer as little as possible by leaving.

I’ll be pressing the government to protect our economy and our opportunities for the future and tell us what they’re up to:

  1. The government must say when they will be putting the weekly sum of £350m into the NHS they promised as part of a “Brexit dividend”.  This was written on their ‘Leave’ campaign bus but we’ve heard nothing of it since the vote.
  2. The government must guarantee areas who’ve been promised EU funds for infrastructure like roads and bridges that they will not lose the money when we leave the EU, but they’ll get it from our government.
  3. They must ensure we stay in the single market so our companies exporting to EU countries don’t have to pay tariffs which will make their goods more expensive.
  4. They must be ready to support industries whose exports are threatened by the ten per cent tariffs that will go on our goods being sold to the EU.  We must not lose vital investment such as Nissan in the North East, because we’ve left the EU
  5. They must tell the many EU nationals who live in this country, some who’ve lived, worked and brought up their families that they will not be kicked out.
  6. On leaving the EU we’ll have to negotiate new trade agreements with every country in the world we want to trade with to replace the trade agreements with countries like China and Cambodia, that we have by virtue of our membership of the EU.  All EU trade deals require the countries we trade with to protect minimum human rights standards; to outlaw child labour and forced labour and to protect the right to join trade unions.  When we negotiate new trade deals for ourselves with countries we wish to trade with we must ensure that those human rights clauses are included.  We must not become the weak link in the quest to improve human rights around the world.
  7. The government must publish every three months the increase in the number of civil servants who have been employed on the Brexit negotiations, and their pay bill.  Going it alone outside the EU means that instead of sharing work on treaty negotiations, we’ll have to do them ourselves which will involve thousands more civil servants costing hundreds of millions of pounds.  It is likely the £350m a week will go on lawyers and consultants negotiating Brexit rather than our NHS.
  8. The government must commit to matching rights that employees get in the EU.  Britain’s workers can’t slip behind on issues like equal pay and maternity rights.
  9. The PM must take a personal grip on this.  She can’t leave it to her warring ministers.


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