My mum is plagued by exploding radiators

(02 April, 2015)

I cannot believe that the council treat our elderly so badly

1367Residents on the Acorn Estate are blowing a gasket over a series of exploding radiators

Further to your visit to the Acorn Estate regarding radiators bursting, (Plagued by exploding radiators, News, March 26): My mother Lil Pyle was due to have her radiators fitted on Saturday 28th March.

One of the bursting radiators

One of the bursting radiators

On Friday 27th March at around 16.55 T Browns phoned to cancel the appointment stating they could not get the radiators from the suppliers as they had run out “AGAIN”.

This leaves us yet again with no heating in the lounge all over the weekend.

They said they can’t give us another date yet and they will call with another appointment.

I know this won’t happen, we always have to phone them.

It is nearly four weeks we have been without heating. My mother is 85-years-old and feels the cold.

We are always being told to keep the elderly warm, yet the council can leave them without heating at all.

It is totally unacceptable that people are treated like this, especially the elderly.

You can go and buy radiators of the shelf at most DIY stores so there is no excuse.

After a year of suffering it’s about time Southwark Council and their contractors got their act together.

Yours very angry.

Carol Pyle, via email


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