‘Why we oppose Elephant and Castle shopping centre plans in their current form’

(12 January, 2018) Letters

Southwark Labour politicians have signed an open letter about Delancey's Elephant and Castle shopping centre plans

20472A CGI of how the development could look

We, the undersigned Councillors and prospective Labour Party candidates, are not opposed to the redevelopment of the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, nor the proposals for a new building for the London College of Communications.

However, we believe that in their current form, the proposals submitted by Delancey, are not ones which are in the interest of the local community.

Our objections to the scheme are made on the following grounds:

1.Affordable Housing. It is unacceptable that this development is only proposing 33 homes at social rent equivalent. This is not compliant with either Southwark’s own policy for Elephant & Castle, nor the emerging Build to Rent policy.

2. Affordable retail. Whilst the revised proposal is policy compliant, providing 10% affordable retail across the development, we do not believe that there are adequate protections and support being offered to the traders in and around the shopping centre, including interim provision and a right to return.

3. Bingo Hall. It is unacceptable that the bingo hall will not be re-provisioned on the new shopping centre site.

4. Re-Sale of the estate (the covenant). The length of the proposed covenant of 20 years on the private rented element of the scheme is non-compliant with Southwark’s emerging policy which asks for a minimum of 30 years and we are concerned how the estate will be managed in the long term.

Lorin Bell-Cross, Prospective candidate for Borough and Bankside

Jack Buck, Prospective candidate for Faraday

Ellie Cumbo, Prospective candidate for St Georges

Cllr Helen Dennis, Councillor for Chaucer

Cllr Karl Eastham, Councillor for Chaucer

Cllr Paul Fleming, Councillor for Faraday

Mark Griffiths, Prospective candidate for St Georges

Sirajul Islam, Prospective candidate for Chaucer

Cllr Samantha Jury-Dada, Councillor for Faraday

Cllr Rebecca Lury, Councillor for East Walworth

Cllr Darren Merrill, Councillor for East Walworth

Gloria Ponle, Prospective candidate for Borough and Bankside

Cllr Martin Seaton, Councillor for East Walworth

Aman Thakar, Prospective candidate for Borough and Bankside

  • Richard Parsons

    The Councillors argue for more social housing but Southwark has more social housing than anywhere else. Currently, 42% of the housing stock is social. Regarding the current retailers, I live in the area and don’t use the current shopping centre because it doesn’t sell the products I need/like. What’s more, none of my neighbours shop there either. If London is to compete with other global cities, Labour will need to stop being so nimby-ish.

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