Please keep our cemetries clean

(27 August, 2015)

Southwark Council urged to clamp down on dog mess in our grave yards


Thank you for printing the letter about Camberwell Old Cemetery.

It is true, as the letter says, it is a forgotten cemetery.

My brother and I were there yesterday (Wednesday, August 12) as my husband, parents and grandparents are buried there.

I myself am now 86-years-old and my brother and I still go there regularly to keep the graves clean and tidy.

We have seen dogs running around with no leads on and the owners strolling around. As soon as the dog does what it wants to do on goes the lead and out they go.

We thought that when they started to clear along the left hand side to make new graves how nice it all began to look. Suddenly, all work stopped.

While there, we also walked over to where people were protesting about it being cleared.

We thought it looked disgusting and think Southwark Council should do what they say they want to do because it is a cemetery after all.

I am also an animal lover but that does not mean I want to clean the mess off my family graves which I have done in the past. So come on Southwark Council, wake up and do something for this lovely old cemetery and for people to respect the cemeteries. After all, we will all be in there one day.

Mrs J Peck, Nunhead


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