Save Peckham from the pound shops and hipster cafes

(12 June, 2015)

Southwark Greens demand better model of economic development.

736Peckham rooftops

Southwark Greens object strongly to the proposal to change the “Use Class” of the building at the corner of Highshore Road and Rye Lane in Peckham from A1 (shops and retail outlets) to A2 (professional services), and to convert the premises into multiple smaller units including an estate agency.

The business currently operating at the site sells furniture and homewares and is profitable.  It is one of the few new businesses in Peckham town centre that is neither a pound shop nor a hipster café.  Why then is Southwark Council prepared to close it?

This issue has worrying similarities with the Peckham Rye Station Gateway project. Talented and resourceful local people take a risk in creating new businesses, make them viable, and then Southwark Council tries to develop premises in ways that close them down, in favour of identikit businesses imposed from outside.

We need a better model of economic development that is for the common good of our community.

Shouldn’t Southwark Council be supporting and encouraging viable local businesses?

Many local residents have objected to this proposal, and we are very pleased to hear that this application has now been ‘called in’ to the planning committee.  However, it has not yet been rejected.  Southwark Greens urge all the councillors for The Lane ward, as well as the council officers, to reject this application that would destroy a viable local business.

Anna Plodowski, Southwark Green Party

[Editor’s note: Local people can make their thoughts known on this and other furture planning developments in their area by registering for planning notices that affect them. Find out more at]


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