Take Courage! If you want to find God

Admin (27 November, 2020)

Priest says Courage Beer is what made him find God


A priest says a Bermondsey brewery’s beer is what persuaded him to become a man of God.

Pastor Chris Gill leads sermons in King’s Church in Kent, and says the Courage Brewery’s famous adverts – “Take Courage” – is what encouraged him to pluck up the bravery to become a priest.

Writing in a Kent local paper, Pastor Gill said he left home at sixteen to join the police cadets. As the train came into London Bridge, he began to pray.

“The moment I prayed, something unexpected happened,” he says. “Out of the window a billboard by the side of the track became clearly visible and written on it in large letters were two words, “Take Courage”.

After a career in the police force, he began praying on the train to Brixton one day about becoming a minister.

“As soon as I said “amen”, a billboard loomed into view from the train window with two words written on it and yes you’ve guessed it, the words were, “Take Courage”,” he says.


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