Why Santa Claus could have been trained at Southwark Cathedral

Admin (18 December, 2020)

Santa may have trained in Southwark

41365"Santa Claus" by Sam Howzit is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As it comes to the festive season, Santa is making his rounds before Christmas Day to ask children what they would like on December 25.

But what you may not know is that Santa may have been ‘trained’ here in Southwark.

Last year, Southwark Cathedral hosted ‘Santa School’ – the largest professional training course for Father Christmasses in the UK.

The santas were given a 101 in the history, characterisation and ‘wardrobe’ of Santa to make sure he is as lifelike as possible.

It means any Santa you see may have just learned his trade in SE1.

But for any children reading, any Santa you meet will definitely be the real one – as these Santas are just to help out the real Santa when he can’t be in two places at once.


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