Southwark in the 20th century: newspaper pictures show borough in olden times

News Desk (07 July, 2016)

The “Times Past” exhibition will feature pictures from all over the Southwark area


The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers have put together and opened an exhibition at Southwark Cathedral, which showcases pictures of the borough from the 20th Century.

The Right Rev C B Roach of Southwark Cathedral ministers to his parish in the streets of the borough in 1938

The “Times Past” exhibition will feature pictures from all over the Southwark area, and opened to the public on Saturday July 2 to run to Wednesday September 7.

It is free to view the pictures and is open to the public from 9am to 6pm.

Children perch on the wall at the site of the notorious ‘Clink’ prison on the corner of Bankside in September 1943

Robert Hands, TNL Executive Managing Editor, said: “The Archive team have put together an evocative collection of photographs that showcase life in Southwark going back to the early 20th century and it’s fascinating to see how the area has evolved.

“This has been a great partnership with the cathedral team.”

Crowds gather to see Queen Mary open the churchyard at Southwark Cathedral in July 1946

For more images from The Times and The Sunday Times’s print gallery, visit


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