Ed Gray’s London is brilliant – Rotherhithe artist displays work in semi-retrospective

Michael Holland (15 October, 2015) Art

Exhibition at The Gherkin also sees the release of Gray's Tubby Hayes painting


Rotherhithe artist Ed Gray’s Limited Edition Print exhibition, London’s Brilliant Parade, opened at Searcy’s club on the 38th floor of the Gherkin on Friday night.

The show also saw the launch of Gray’s painting of London jazz legend Tubby Hayes.

Collectors and fans of the artist’s work enjoyed his many and varied scenes of London set against the city skyline and had the chance to revisit some of Gray’s early work in this semi-retrospective.

Those in attendance were talking of his evolution over the years and how much more complex his current work has become. The street scenes of places we know so well have always been captured moments of extreme busy-ness and people’s journeys through our city, but now they have a new, multifaceted feel to them, perhaps showing how crowded London has become, with the many protagonists almost fighting for attention in a capital where so many get lost, rather than a small group of individuals making up the compositions of earlier times.

The Gherkin is a beautiful place to look at some beautiful art.

The Gherkin, St Mary’s Axe, EC2 until December. Monday to Friday by appointment: info@gxgallery.com – www.edgrayart.com

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