Frankenstein comes to Brockley

News Desk (05 October, 2017) Theatre

Ross McGregor brings Mary Shelley classic to Brockley Jack Studio


I never really enjoyed Frankenstein, the book by Mary Shelley; I struggled with the character of Dr Frankenstein, finding him a bit wet. So I was interested to see if this intriguing working of the classic horror would change my mind.

This version by Ross McGregor has the novel feature of intertwining the story of Mary Shelley’s herself in to the play, in parallel with the original narrative. And I must say that it worked excellently, writes Matt Baker…

Sharing the world of the author, and her trials and tribulations, made me feel more attached to the characters in the original piece. The direction needed to balance the different narratives in the play was outstanding and showed real quality from Ross McGregor.

Despite so much going on it never felt lost or overwhelmed. The depiction of the monster was spot on and didn’t in anyway descend in to cliché, whilst at the same time keeping a marvellous gothic touch.

There was, too, a nice equilibrium between pathos and menace that gave real depth to the performance.

As the play closed with its tragic end the audience gave generous applause and there was a real sense of appreciation for a great night. Definitely worth a trip down to Brockley for.

Frankenstein is on at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, 410 Brockley Road, SE4 2DH until 21st October.

Times: Tues – Sat at 7.45pm.

Admission: £15, £12.

Phone: 0333 666 3366

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