£10k reward offered as police ask how mum died under the wheels of her own car

News Desk (03 December, 2015)

Mystery still leaving police baffled ten years on

Police are offering a reward of up to £10,000 as they launch a fresh appeal for witnesses to the death of Carolina Calderon-Zuniga, who was mysteriously crushed under the wheels of her own car ten years ago in Peckham.

The unexplained death of the 24-year-old mother-of-two has baffled officers for a decade, who are now asking anyone who saw or heard anything regarding the “tragic event” on June 24 to come forward and give her family closure.

Carolina had dropped off her two children, then aged four and seven, to her mother’s house, where they were to be baby-sat by a family member while the trainee midwife enjoyed a night out with friends. She then walked a short distance from the house back to her car, parked in Moody Road.

DC John Isaacs, of Scotland Yard’s special casework investigation team, told the News: “Tragically, just before 11.30pm, neighbours heard a scream. She was found crushed under the wheels of her vehicle. “Ten years have gone and police are still no closer to explaining to the family exactly how Caroline came to be under the wheels of the car.”

Her green Fiat Punto had reversed over her body, pinning her beneath the front right wheel. Two neighbours sprinted to Peckham Fire Station to fetch firefighters, who managed to lift the vehicle clear. It was too late, however, and Carolina died 45 minutes later in hospital.

DC Isaacs in front of a similar car at scene

DC Isaacs in front of a similar car at scene

Lisa King, one of the firefighters first at the scene, said: “I remember the incident very clearly, it’s one I wouldn’t forget. When we arrived at the scene there was a crowd of people around the car and Carolina was underneath it. We quickly set about lifting the car off her and giving her medical aid until the ambulance turned up. But it was the circumstances that really set this apart from most other calls we go to. She was underneath her own car and there was nobody else at the scene who admitted to driving the car.”

Police do not know whether the death was the result of a bizarre accident in which Carolina was the only person involved, or whether someone else had been driving the car and, accidentally or purposefully, had struck Carolina. They are appealing for any information to help close the case and offer some level of closure to Carolina’s children.

DC Isaacs said: “Ten years have now gone. The children who were then four and seven are still grieving for their mum and they would like some closure.” A reward of up to £10,000 will be given to anyone who gives the police information which leads to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death. Anyone with information should call 020 7230 4294 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Carolina Calderon-Zuniga

Carolina Calderon-Zuniga


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