Camberwell’s House of Praise to clear £150 from people’s debts each week this month

News Desk (01 September, 2016)

In partnership with Financial Peace University, the payments will be part of an eight week series to help people get out of debt

11706Pastor Andrew Adeleke

A Camberwell church will clear £150 worth of debt for three random people a week this month, as part of a series of seminars aimed at helping people become financially secure.

The House of Praise, in partnership with Financial Peace University, will start the eight week series on Sunday September 4 to help people get out of debt.

Inspired by the fact that British people owe some £1.484tn, Pastor Andrew Adeleke and Dave Ramsey want to help tackle the problem from within the community.

Pastor Andrew said: “I know people are thinking this is some kind of gimmick, but we are very serious about doing our bit to help people to reduce debt and encourage them to be financially independent.

“We believe that owing less money is exactly the same as having more money and is a necessary precondition for building wealth.

“Every week we feed and help the poor. We want to help people learn how to be responsible with their money, build an emergency fund and create a monthly spending plan.

“We’ll have experts from banking and real estate come talk to show people how to get insurance to protect their health and families.

“We have done it on a smaller scale but this is the first time we are going full blast.”

The seminars will be free to attend and will take place at 254-270 Camberwell Road, as part of normal service times.


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