MP picks primary school’s best christmas card and sends it to nearly 2,000 people

News Desk (21 December, 2016)

Next year's competition will aim to include every primary school in Southwark


Nearly 2,000 copies of a primary school girl’s prize-winning Christmas card have been sent around the borough by local MP Neil Coyle.

Seven-year-old Sofia Yawata-Golvicyte’s design was judged as not just the best at Dickens Primary School, but of several schools that took part in the card-making competition.

Neil, the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, visited the school on December 13. “It was fun,” he said, “they showed me a performance of the school play, ‘Where’s Santa’s Hat?’.

“I’ve sent nearly 2,000 copies of Sofia’s card to local businesses, party members, church leaders, mosque leaders, T&RAs and a few pubs.

“Sofia seemed really pleased with the fact that she had won, and her parents were proud. But I had to leave early because a vote was also going on.”

Charles Dickens School pupils feeling festive

Charles Dickens School pupils feeling festive

Jo Gemmell, who choreographed the school play, said: “We usually do a card-making competition, but this was the first time we were approached to take part in one that’s run by the council. It was really lovely and we had a huge amount of entries to choose from.”


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