Jesus and The Hulk Get 2020 Off To A Flying Start

Staff Reporter (13 December, 2020)

Numerous 'Sold' stickers were being stuck on artworks at a rapid pace


That’s ‘The Class of 2020’, the open art exhibition curated by Rod Kitson, not the worst year in just about anyone’s life.

Ian Moore, manager of Surrey Quays Shopping Centre eloquently performed the ribbon-cutting and announced to the eager horde that Class was open in more ways than one. Then, with sanitiser rubbed in the art-lovers filed through to be greeted by curator Rod Kitson, several of the contributing artists, and The Incredible Hulk, created by young Jesus.


Before long, numerous ‘Sold’ stickers were being stuck on artworks at a rapid pace and the general hubbub was one of joy and excitement.

The whole exhibition can be viewed online along with the artists discussing their artworks.

“Class of 2020” runs until December 23. Unit 38, Upper Floor, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Rotherhithe, SE16 7LL (Canada Water, tube and overground), 10am to 6pm daily (5pm Sundays, 12-7pm Thursdays). Catalogue:


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