Mayor pledges £15,000 for residents to examine the Old Kent Road regeneration plans

Katherine Johnston (01 November, 2018)

Draft plans for 20,000 new homes and the Bakerloo Line extension

20514CGI of how Old Kent Road could look with current regeneration plans

Plans to create a public space on Old Kent Road where residents can learn more about huge regeneration plans in their area have been given a boost, after the Mayor of London pledged £15,000 towards the project.

As the News reported last month, Action OKR, a network of community groups from the area, is fundraising for an ‘Urban Room’, where residents and businesses can drop in and view easy to understand planning documents.

Southwark Council’s 2017 draft Area Action Plan includes a potential 20,000 new homes, Bakerloo Line extension, and the creation of new green spaces for commuters.

Urban Room backers include Vital OKR, a business network, Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations and Southwark Law Centre.

In the Mayor’s pledge, his office explained their support of the project: “Urban Room Old Kent Road aims to create a dedicated, independent space for residents, businesses, researchers, planners, the Council, developers and others to come together to debate and plan the future of the Old Kent Road ahead of the Bakerloo Line extension and associated regeneration plans that will inevitably follow.

“It’s a really interesting project. It’s focused on providing a locally run space for a broader, more meaningful type of engagement with the community about this future.

“We know that it is really, really important and it’s a real opportunity to bring more people into that process.”

The crowdfunding campaign currently has 112 backers with £21,932 pledged.

The group needs to reach their target of £59,115 by December 17 in order to receive the funds.


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