Charity seeks people in Southwark for major MS survey

Staff Reporter (05 April, 2019)

This year's survey is also aimed at families, partners and friends of those living with MS.

28853MS Society - Colin Baldwin Photography Ltd

National charity MS Society is conducting a survey on those living with Multiple Sclerosis in Southwark.

The neurological condition is a painful,  exhausting and affects an estimated 14,400 people in London.

This year’s survey is aimed at the friends and family of those living with MS as well as those living with the condition themselves.

Director of External Affairs at the MS Society Genevieve Edwards said: “We want to hear from as many people with MS as possible, so we can find out whether they’re getting the treatment, care and support that they need in their area.

“The results will show us where in the country services are working well, as well as where improvements are needed.”

Just over half of people who could benefit from specialist treatment are receiving it according to MS Society’s 2016 survey.

This year the charity hopes to gain further vital insights into life for people living with MS.

Those with MS can complete the survey at and friends, family or partners can complete their survey at


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