Independent businesses can now join £2.3bn Elephant Park Project

Staff Reporter (12 July, 2019)

Lendlease has unveiled plans for local independent businesses to join established brands within the Elephant Park development.


During the second phase of Elephant Park’s development, independent food and beverage, leisure and retail units from the Southwark area are invited to contribute according to Lendlease UK  writes, Hillary Chaisson…

There are 16 new units available that total a whopping 37,000 sq ft across two separate areas of the development.

Units will be offered in Ash Avenue which will open directly onto a new park and green space, and in the New Kent Road and Chatteris Quarter areas of the development.

Guy Thomas, head of retail at Lendlease, said: “Elephant Park will be a thriving community in London; a place where people want to live, build futures, work and visit.”

“The retail, food, beverage and leisure [inclusion] offer of Phase Two will play a key role in fulfilling this by delivering a balanced mix of independent operators from the local area and brands with a wider footprint in London.”



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