London primary schools need volunteers to help with programme designed to help improve children’s literacy

Staff Reporter (08 July, 2019)

Bookmark Reading aims to help schools support children who are at risk of not reaching the expected level for reading

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Literacy charity, Bookmark Reading, is looking to partner with London primary schools that want help in providing reading support to children in Years 1 to 3,  writes Hillary Chaisson…

But in order to do that, Bookmark Reading needs volunteers.

“When resources are stretched, it is not always possible for schools to provide extra one-to-one support for every child that is struggling with their reading. That’s where Bookmark can help.” Bookmark Reading Charity’s CEO, Kitty Higgins, said.

“Our mission is to help children develop the reading skills they need to succeed in school and beyond, by creating flexible volunteering at the heart of our communities.

“We do this by supporting schools with trained volunteers from the local area.

“Our digital platform makes getting the support that schools need easier, keeping administration to a minimum.”

The charity’s six-week reading programme provides children with two, 30-minute face-to-face reading sessions each week with a volunteer, at the cost of just £1 per session (£12 per programme) for the school.

Schools have the flexibility to decide how long children stay on the programme, with the option to extend to twelve weeks or more.

If one is interested in volunteering, you must provide the charity with two references, attend a face-to-face interview with trained Bookmark staff, have an enhanced DBS check, pass safeguarding training, and complete full training on how to support children to develop their early reading skills and enjoyment of reading.

The charity is currently recruiting schools in London for programmes starting in September 2019 and will be rolling the scheme out nationwide in 2020.

Schools wishing to register their interest or those who are interested in volunteering with Bookmark, should visit


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