UPDATE: Police say six-year-old was ‘thrown from Tate Modern’ as they arrest seventeen-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder

Kevin Quinn (04 August, 2019)

The boy's condition is critical; and his family are being supported by police. 

27885Tate Modern (Image: Fred Romero / CC.20)

In the latest update from police a spokesman has confirmed that a teenager has been arrested for attempted murder after he is alleged to have ‘thrown a six-year-old child from the tenth floor of viewing platform of the Tate Modern’ in Bankside.

The victim was found on the fifth floor roof after police, ambulance and air ambulance raced to the scene at 2.40pm this afternoon (August 4). 

The six-year-old’s condition is critical; and his family are being supported by police.

A seventeen-year-old male had remained with members of the public on the tenth floor viewing platform and police said there was nothing to suggest he is known to the victim.

The teenager was arrested by police officers on suspicion of attempted murder and taken into police custody.

A number of members of the public are assisting police with witness statements. And police have confirmed that visitors to the gallery have been now been allowed to leave.

People inside the gallery had earlier reported on social media not being allowed to leave while police deal with the incident.

This story may be updated with further details as we get them.


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