The Lurner Prize for Lurners

Staff Reporter (27 October, 2020)

The Lurner Prize exists to promote a principle of independence by creating new models that allow self-taught artists to become self-sustaining, fully independent entities. 

The Lurner Prize is an art competition founded by Arizona Smith (@arizonathecat) and Samuel Mead (@beg4cred) independent, self-taught artists based in Peckham. We are now in our second year after a beautiful first exhibition of 52 artists and  5 winners! 
Sam and Arizona created the Lurner Prize with the intention of providing a platform for self-taught artists. The Lurner Prize exists to demonstrate and promote a principle of independence from the established cultural institutions, by creating new models which allow artists to become self-sustaining, fully independent entities. 
We live in a moment of extraordinary change, with change comes the necessity for reinvention and as such, it is time for artists and truly creative people to come to the fore as empowered, uncompromised individuals, ready to lead the culture into a new era. 
We hope this prize will give confidence and validation to artists across practices, at different stages of practice and from different walks of life.
We are excited to announce a panel of amazing artists – check out their art here: 
Gabrielle Brown @gabrielle.k.brown
Peter Mead @lowpressuresystem / @destroy.godz
Selby Hi @selby_hi
Llao @huachollao
Helen @helenkirkumstudio
Sam Mead @beg4cred 
Arizona Smith @arizonathecat 
More info on the competition:
This is an art prize for SELF-TAUGHT artists who have never formally studied art. There is no age limit. Entrants can be from anywhere in the world.
This competition is entirely INDEPENDENT – entirely organised and funded by personal donations, @beg4cred & @arizonathecat.
Entry to the competition is FREE and the deadline for submissions is 25th of January 2021.
The first prize for the competition is £500 with £100 in art supplies vouchers going to the second and third placed entrants .
There will be an exhibition to display work by the three winning artists as well as the postcard entries submitted by all entrants to the competition.
The competition will be judged by @beg4cred @arizonathecat and a panel of other independent artists as noted above.
Criteria for Entry:
Entrants must submit ALL THREE of the following components:
1. Three high quality photographs of visual artworks they have created themselves. These artworks may include, drawing, painting, etching, street art/graffiti, sculpture including street/temporary sculpture, photography or collage.
  1. A maximum 2 minute long video, voice recording or maximum 500 word text in which the entrant responds to the prompt ‘my experience as a self taught artist.’
These should be sent to  
  1. ONE postcard sized or smaller sized artwork – this can be an original or a print – anything from a drawing on a bit of scrap paper to a miniature canvas to a print of a piece of your artwork. As long as it fits into a small envelope, it’s allowed. Please remember to put your name on everything you send us. This should be sent to:The Lurner Prize, 32a Breakspears Road SE4 1UW
Any questions please let us know! We are posting from @thelurnerprize on Instagram. 
All of the artworks from section 3 will be exhibited in the final exhibition, to which all entrants will be invited. After the exhibition, entrants may take back their submitted piece of work. It’s up to entrants to collect their work at the end or soon after the exhibition. 


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