£40,000 Christmas present for Southwark charities Micro Rainbow International and Mental Fight Club

Katherine Johnston (19 December, 2018)

Gifts announced on the annual 'local charities day'

27100(c) Kiran Mensah

Two Southwark charities have each received £20,000 as Christmas presents from online lottery operator MyLotto24.

The company awarded a total of £40,000 to Micro Rainbow International and Mental Fight Club on Friday, December 14, to coincide with Local Charities Day.

Micro Rainbow International will use the funds to continue its work giving housing support and employment training for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom have fled persecution in their countries of birth.

The donation to Mental Fight Club will help the charity set up a community café and range of activities for people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Both charities were presented their cheques by the company’s mascot, the ‘Fatador’ beside Tower Bridge.

Shenaly Amin, head of myLotto24 UK, said: “The myLotto24 Good Neighbourhood fund was set-up to support organisations who often fly under the radar but are doing incredible work in London.

“Micro Rainbow International and Mental Fight Club are doing just that.

“Our £40,000 Christmas present helps set them up for the next two years to continue providing support to so many Londoners.”


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