Journey into the Peckham Unknown

Staff Reporter (31 October, 2020)

Ideas of transience and trauma link all the works.

40028Miguel Sopena: Sunset

Journey Into The Unknown is an exhibition of works made during lockdown by twenty-three local and internationally-based emerging artists. The works represent their thoughts and hopes, concerns and fears during this period. They examine a variety of themes from the body in states of illness and trauma, violence towards women in our current lives and in the history of art, gender and sexuality, the position of the queer in the English countryside and where we find the divine in the everyday. Ideas of transience and trauma link all the works. The artists use a diverse array of methods and materials from paint, textiles and photography to etching and assemblage.

Miguel Sopena: Segaria

One of the artists, Miguel Sopena, says, ‘My Dénia series paintings are based on physical and emotional memory of time spent by the sea as a child and adolescent in Eastern Spain, where I grew up. They are not inspired by any imagery or physical mementos, but solely by the persistence of feeling and sensory impressions. Technically, they are executed in heavy oil impasto mixed with marble dust which creates unique, rough textures  – better appreciated in a viewing ‘in person’ than in photographs!

Copeland Gallery, Copeland Road, Peckham, SE15 3SN from 5th – 8th November. Times: 5th: 11am-8pm
6th – 8th: 11am-6pm. Admission: Free.

Timeslots must be booked:


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