Polka Brings A Gift For all The Family

Staff Reporter (13 November, 2020)

Polka's free 15-minute film of A Christmas Carol asks if Scrooge will still hate Christmas once the three festive ghosts have shown him his past, present and future?


Polka may have been closed throughout 2020 but their re-told A Christmas Carol is the theatre’s gift to their supporters.

Created by Ian Nicholson and Sam Wilde, the team behind the viral lockdown hit I Want My Hat Back, this free 15-minute short film is for the whole family to be enjoyed over the festive period.

It will be available exclusively from 19th December for those who sign up to the Polka newsletter from now until Christmas.

Gather round for this visually imaginative and funny re-telling of a Christmas classic, set to an original folk-style score.

Stories have been quiet on stages for a while but now you can meet the Storyteller and his Cardboard Cabinet of Curiosities as he tells the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the true meaning of Christmas. The uncharitable, grumpy, angry and overall spiritless Ebenezer Scrooge is hiding in his London office on a lonely Christmas night. Will Scrooge still hate Christmas once the three festive ghosts have shown him his past, present and future?

VocalEyes will bring the production to life for blind and visually impaired people through an accompanying audio description. This will include an audio introduction establishing the visual world of the production including setting and characters, in addition to the ‘through description’ of the film itself, mixed with the original soundtrack.

Designer Sam Wilde comments: “The show is almost entirely recycled and recyclable, mostly made from cardboard but also materials from the huge waste generated over the Christmas period – wrapping paper, fairy lights, ribbons, bows, bubble wrap and baubles!

“Hopefully, it will provide people with inspiration for reusing all that Christmas rubbish! We’ll travel through cardboard city streets, meet the origami ghost of Christmas Past, the wrapping paper ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Future (with a touch of tinsel!).”

Polka temporarily closed for a major redevelopment in February 2019 and will reopen in spring 2021.

In the meantime, Polka continues to offer activities to schools, community groups and the public, working with over 21,600 people last year.

Polka Online is helping to keep children creative during lockdown, with a range of live, recorded and downloadable activities for children.

Sign up to the Polka mailing list at www.polkatheatre.com


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