It’s a Dog’s Life on Tower Bridge

Staff Reporter (14 June, 2021)

Fearless canines going where their owners fear to tread


Super Heroes don’t have to wear capes these days, they just need to be able to bark and be at the end of a lead with their terrified owner holding on for dear life at the other end, writes Michael Holland.

Tower Bridge is London’s only major indoor attraction that is dog-friendly, but VIPooch Day meant our four-legged friends were very special customers. It was dogs being given treats at the door, dogs being pampered and petted like they were minor royalty, and dogs taking all the attention away from their humans. And they loved every minute of it.


Okay, I was a little bit jealous, but any envy was soon dispelled when the pooches walked nonchalantly across the see-through floor of the Tower Bridge Walkways with their owners looking absolutely horrified. I witnessed several attacks of vertigo as people were dragged across the glass. While Rover looked down upon the people and the traffic and the flowing river as if it was the most natural thing in the world, Mrs Rover was in a state of panic.

Tower Bridge is always open to well-behaved dogs, but VIPooch Day makes them the centre of attention. Whereas the lovely staff are usually answering questions about the bridge and its history and making sure visitors have a good time, on VIPooch Day they are down at the dogs’ level making choochie-choochie noises and bribing them with doggie treats.

Tower Bridge is perfect for dog owners who will be made to feel welcome and find themselves surrounded by like-minded people and their pets. Water bowls are dotted around along with many sanitising stations for those doing lots of stroking. Dogs met and sniffed other dogs, owners met and made small talk, and it was a lovely atmosphere all round.

There is also the history of Tower Bridge to soak up as well, and the fantastic views over London, but, for me, it was watching those fearless dogs going where their owners fear to tread.

Pets and their humans will be looked after throughout the visit, and Southwark residents can go for £1.

Adults: £10.60. Child: £5.30. Family(4): £27


Photos: M. Holland


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